I was researching a lot about marketing to my own target audience and decided to write an article about it. These are some of the most obvious reasons I was able to come up with as to why it’s an excellent way to raise brand awareness and create a positive relationship with your customers using the power of social media.

Get your brand’s personality across

You want to engage with your customers on an emotional or personal level. The reason for this is because we live in a world where people are constantly sharing their lives with each other easier than ever before. You want to be doing this as well because your competitors are already humanizing their brand. Making your customers feel engaged is key here. The end goal should be something that gets your brand’s personality across and shows what makes your business unique.

Hear what your customers think

Social media has another powerful feature of letting your customers tell you directly what they think and feel about whatever it is you do. Depending on how you’ve built your brand, this can be initiated with little effort or with some kind of incentive. A properly built brand should be able to stir up these kinds of conversations at no cost. And let’s be honest, isn’t free feedback the best kind of feedback?

Put your business in a positive light

Now, this doesn’t apply to every company, since corporate giants like Microsoft or Apple have no plausible way of having a dialog with every single one of their customers. But if you are a small business or even a local business, it’s almost a detriment not to present yourself to an online audience. if people can’t connect with you then they are hard pressed to care about what it is you do.

Let your customers do your marketing for you

It’s been said before by so many people, but allow me to reiterate. Your customers are your biggest asset and ally. You need to cater to them and they will keep your business machine forever fueled and running. If you know exactly what content your customers want to see, give them exactly that. They will share it with everyone because people are extremely passionate about their favorite brands.

Nobody loses here at all 

Sometimes you will find that your customers are very successful, high profile people themselves. Reach out to them. Help each other out. It’s good for everyone involved as we move to a place where more and more people are entrepreneurs. Less and less successful people are wearing a suit every single day, so bear that in mind and be open to networking.

Trust leads to more business

When you show your customers that you care about them on an individual level something amazing happens. They leave you positive reviews in relevant places. You see them sending friends a link to your website because they trust you enough to recommend you to the people that they like. Seriously, all good things here.

Word of mouth 

The truth of the matter is that online marketing doesn’t have to live exclusively on the internet. People have ‘real life’ routines as it were and if you make them care about you, they can even spread the word to people at the office or maybe their workout friends need someone of your particular skill set. When you carry your brand honestly, it can spread on its own quite effortlessly.

Inform people that you exist

With Facebook and Google ads, it’s easier than ever to reach your exact niche for very little money invested in marketing. What starts with ads eventually grows into this extremely scalable success plan that you can either maintain or grow, depending on what your goals are. But you need to spread the word initially. One of the artists I follow said in an interview “there are two kinds of artists, the once who do great work and show it to everyone and the ones who do great work and never show it to anyone.” You need to be the first type of artist. Show your work to everyone.

If you are consistent you are real

If you only give people periodic updates, you will definitely lose momentum or even not go anywhere in some industries. People won’t take you as seriously and see you as kind of flakey and unreliable. But if you are frequently and more importantly consistently telling your customers your story, it makes them invested and gives them something to connect to. It legitimizes your brand.

Direct people where you want them to go

if you have an important promotion on your website, you can tell your customers on any form of social media that works for you. If you have some kind of a contest on a specific platform, you can drive people there. Use this to your advantage to give your customers some incentive to follow you and watch you grow as a company.

The most important things to keep in mind is that you are always telling a story. People want 3 things from your content. Information, entertainment, and personality. If you can deliver on all levels whatever it is your customer base is looking for you should have no problems making that sale.

Feel free to discuss with us if you think there are other benefits to engaging with your customers online. Also to find out more about how you can implement an engaging marketing plan of your own, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help!

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